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Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision:
  1. Play a vital role in achieving sustainable development and prosperity in Nepal addressing the pressing issues of nature, environmental protection, and climate change.
  2. NAIA is a professional platform for individuals with academic degrees in various disciplines (environmental science, natural science, social science, engineering, etc.) who work on environmental and social impact studies, environmental and social management, monitoring, safeguards, and related fields.
  3. In pursuit of this mission, NAIA will make a collective effort through the following activities.


  1. To take proactive steps for the welfare and rights of employees engaged in impact assessment.
  2. To establish relationships and collaborate with national and international organizations working in the fields of environment, energy, and climate, as well as conduct capacity-building training, seminars, and workshops.
  3. To provide consultancy and offer recommendations for policy formulation and development in the areas of environment, climate, and energy sector development.
  4. To implement programs in collaboration with all levels of governments for effective coordination and cooperation.
  5. To conduct programs for awareness and enlightenment on sustainable development and environmental issues in collaboration with national and international donor agencies and educational institutions like universities.
  6. To conduct studies and research on sustainable development, environmental conservation, climate awareness, and clean energy promotion, and publish findings through audio-visual media.
  7. To organize various national and international workshops and conferences.
  8. To continuously develop and utilize relationships and contacts with governmental and non-governmental organizations working in the fields of environment, energy, and climate for further advancement.